John L. Dales Scholarship

The 2015 John L. Dales Scholarship competition is now open for SAG-AFTRA performers and their dependents. Apply now!
Deadline for submission is March 16, 2015.

The SAG Foundation John L. Dales Scholarship Fund was created in 1973 in honor of the Screen Actors Guild’s longtime Executive Secretary.  Since its creation, the John L. Dales Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $6 million in scholarships to 1,730 SAG-AFTRA performers and their dependents.

There are two types of John L. Dales Scholarships:

Standard scholarships are awarded to eligible SAG-AFTRA performers and their dependents for study at accredited institutions of higher education;

Transitional scholarships are awarded to eligible SAG-AFTRA performers interested in pursuing related professions within the entertainment industry or changing their career paths.

John L. Dales Scholarships are granted for study at accredited and licensed universities, colleges, junior colleges, adult specialty schools and trade/vocational schools. The number and amounts awarded are determined annually by a committee of the SAG Foundation.

The John L. Dales Scholarship Fund is available for eligible SAG-AFTRA performers and their dependents and made possible through gifts, grants and sponsorships. The SAG Foundation never draws on SAG-AFTRA dues or initiation fees.

Give your support to the John L. Dales Scholarship Fund.

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