Live Stream

The Business: Working in the UK

Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 7:05 PM (PT)


With an invited panel of specialists from Equity UK, Spotlight UK, the British Film Commission and the worlds of casting and agent-ing this session is all about today’s industry in the UK. If you want to know how it fits together, what is different or new from working in LA or where you can find information or support if you are thinking of heading back to the UK, coming over to work for the first time or thinking of getting a project off the ground in Britain, then this session is for you. Bring your questions and get some answers. Moderated by Equity General Secretary, Christine Payne, this is a rare opportunity to get real information from the insiders.

Event co-sponsored by Equity UK, Spotlight UK and the SAG Foundation.


John Barclay, Head of Recorded Media, Equity UK
Pippa Harrison, Head of Casting at Spotlight
Kattie Kotok, Executive Vice President of US Production for the British Film Commission (BFC)

Moderator – Christine Payne, Equity UK General Secretary

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