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The Business: Why We Like – The Ascendancy of Social Media and How It Impacts You

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 7:05 PM (PT)


Social networks are nothing more than complex interconnected colonies of human beings, who shape the content and conversations around them in order to fulfill personal, emotional needs. By understanding the psychology that lies behind every post, ‘like’, ‘share’ and comment, we can craft messages that trigger these responses, and use social to our advantage.In this fascinating exploration of the inner, psychological mechanics of ‘social’ Patrick Mulford will examine the FOUR REASONS (yes there’s ONLY four!) that people use social networks, and why the film industry will ultimately need to understand them in order to survive.


Patrick Mulford, Executive Creative Director at theAudience
During the past 17 years Patrick has a creative director, a partner and a board member in a broad range of successful creative businesses. Most notably helping build three industry-leading digital and social agencies in the UK and the US; companies that have pioneered how brands make meaningful connections with their consumers. Developing uniquely compelling brand identities/propositions, that distinguish medium-sized creative companies (50-150 staff) from their competition – positioning those businesses as highly desirable agency partners and notorious industry leaders. Sourcing dynamic teams of designers, illustrators, art directors, videographers and writers, and inspiring them to become world-class creatives, in studios where efficiency and profitability are as critical as innovation. As a ‘hands-on’ creative director Patrick has consistently produced high quality work, pitching award-winning creative campaigns that push the boundaries of what can be done, both technically and imaginatively, in the constantly evolving digital and social spaces. Regular contributor on the speaking circuit, presenting at social media, marketing and tech conferences (including SXSW, Social Media Week, GA, NewCo, Fast Company, etc) and running live briefs at universities.

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