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The Business: Translating Feedback: Turning Direction into Action

Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 7:05 PM (PT)

SAG Foundation’s The Business program is thrilled to present a panel populated by industry professionals who will provide tips and techniques for actors to translate unclear direction in an active and specific way. An actor does not have to be in the business for long before they might hear phrases like, “Just Be Yourself”, “Less is More”, “Keep it Simple”, “Make it Fun”, “Make it Your Own”, “This is your chance to show your real acting chops”. The actors ultimate goal is to be in service of the script, but that can be difficult with feedback that is vague. Panelists will share their best bits of advice for actors.


Billy O’Leary, actor, teacher
Allen Martinez, director
Dave Reifsnyder, actor, commercial session director
Caryn West, actor, teacher

Moderator: Dennis Baker, The Business Program Director

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