Casting Access Project

The Casting Access Project provides Master prep sessions with casting professionals at no cost to SAG-AFTRA members in Los Angeles and New York City.

CAP - Los Angeles
CAP - New York
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To be eligible for this program you must be a current SAG-AFTRA member, over 18 and in good standing and must first complete the CAP Orientation process.

Casting Access Project – Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the Casting Access Project?

The SAG Foundation's Casting Access Project is a program designed to offer SAG-AFTRA members access to casting directors through Master Prep Sessions and other events at no cost, providing them with the opportunity to show their work to respected casting directors.

How can the SAG Foundation offer this program for free?

All programming for the Screen Actors Guild Foundation is made possible through grants and donations.

If YOU would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, you may do so at any time by visiting our Donations page or by clicking here.

Who is eligible to participate?

Unless otherwise noted, SAG-AFTRA members eighteen years of age or over, in good standing and who have completed a CAP Orientation are eligible to participate.

Are there limits to participation?

Although current terms and conditions of participation are subject to change, CAP-eligible members may attend Frequency Restricted  (FR) 'workshops'  once every ninety (90) days. In light of the limited availability due to high demand, CAP also offers Non Frequency Restricted (NFR) 'workshops' once a month.

Who hosts the Master Prep Sessions?

Respected Casting Directors and Casting Associates from the Casting Society of America (CSA), the Commercial Casting Directors of America (CCDA) and representatives from the independent casting community host CAP events, bringing with them a wide range of educational and professional experience.

How often are Master Prep sessions offered?

Master Prep sessions are offered at least four times a month. Schedules, updates and reservation information are available at

 Will I get work from participating in the Casting Access Project?

The presence of a casting director is not a guarantee of employment.

Are Master Prep Sessions of special interest offered?

Yes. The Casting Access Project addresses the casting concerns of protected member groups (such as Seniors and Performers with Disabilities) as well as particular areas of casting (Sitcom Audition, Commercial Technique) on a semi-regular basis.

We hope the preceding information has been helpful to you. Remember to stay ahead of the CAP schedule by logging onto the SAG Foundation website. Should you have any further questions or comments regarding the Casting Access Project, you may e-mail your questions or comments to